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MangaX is an app for Android devices that allows to read Manga for free.

The app uses APIs from the main online manga providers to obtain information and content.

All the content of the app is obtained automatically, which will save you time and effort. Just activate the ads in the code and start sharing the app and making money.

MangaX App


– Project built in Android Studio written in Kotlin using AndroidX.
– Firebase implementation
– Ads can be enabled or disabled on each screen.
– Clean design.
– It is possible to change the theme from light to dark.
– Multiple filtering options, based on updates, popularity, ratings, names, and genres.
– Option to add and create favorites lists.
– Search and reading history.
– Option to add items to reading lists.
– Option to activate animations on pages.
– Option to change item sizes.
– Option to change the way the items are displayed (list or grid).


– AdMob banners integration.
– AdMob interstitial integration

Choose where you want banner and interstitial ads to display.

What are you getting?

This package includes the Android Studio source code + the documentation for the installation + free support + all future updates for free.


Version 1.0 (23 April 21)
- First version.
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