Reskin your App (Change the Design)

by Appz Motion in on September 7, 2018


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This service includes the redesign of any app to make it unique and avoid possible problems with future Google Play policies.

Full Reskin

Completely change the design of the app. This service includes:

– New app design (you can choose the design of the app screens, if you have example images, you can send them to us to design the app as you wish or or you can let us make a different design for you).
– New app texts (you can choose all the titles and texts of the app).
– New drawables (new icons and images).
– Change of the app logo (you can send us your own app logo or let us to design a new logo).
– Change the name of the app.
– Implementation of animations.
– implementation of transitions between screens.
– Other customizations.

* This service can take between 2 and 4 weeks or more depending on the difficulty of the design.

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