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1. Getting Started

To open and edit the android app source code, you need the Android Studio program. In order for the source code to work correctly, it is necessary to implement Google Firebase.

Please follow the instructions below to carry out the respective implementations:

Downloading Android Studio

You can download the latest version for free provided by Google following this link:

Downloading Files

Please follow this steps to download your purchased items:

Where to download my purchases?

Implementing Firebase

It is necessary to implement Firebase to make the app work properly:

Implementing Firebase

Please note that this step is necessary, otherwise it may cause errors.

2. Configuring App

Start Android Studio.

Click Open an existing Android Studio project.

Locate and open your project folder AppSourceCode.

Renaming App Package Name

Before making any modifications, you need to change the app package name. Your package name could be reverse form of your domain name. Example: for our domain “” we added the package name “com.appzmotion.cashwall”. To change the package name, we have created a detailed post in our Help Center. You can use this tutorial for any Android Studio project:

Renaming the app package name

Please note that this step is necessary, otherwise it may cause errors.

General Settings

Go to the Config file and replace your contact email and your custom share URL, you can enable or disable this last option by defining “true” or “false”. If “false”, the default Google Play link will be used (it is not recommended to upload this app to the Google Play Store due to copyright), if “true”, the custom link will be used (recommended):

Ads Settings

Go to the AdsConfig file and replace your AdMob ads ID’s, then set true or false to display the ads you want for each screen, you can choose between banner and interstitial ads from AdMob.

Finally go to res -> values -> strings.xml and replace your AdMob App ID, your AdMob Banner ID and your AdMob Instertitial ID:

3. Others

If you do not have enough programming knowledge, we have created detailed articles in our Help Center that can help you to modify any Android Studio project:

Changing the app logo

Changing the app logo

Changing the app name and text strings

Changing the app name and other text strings

Changing the colors of the app

Changing the colors of the app

Sending Push Notifications

You can easily send push notifications by following the steps in the following articles included in our Help Center:

Sending Push Notifications from Firebase

Sending push notifications from Firebase

4. Support

Do you have any question?

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