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How to implement Firebase?

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  1. Log in to your Google account and go to Firebase console following this link:
  2. Click Add project.
  3. Fill project name field and click Continue.
  4. Enable Google Analytics for your project if you want (it is not necessary) and click Create project.
  5. Wait until your project is created then click on Continue.
  6. You are in the Firebase dashboard now. Click the Android icon.
  7. Fill the Android package name field and click Register app.
  8. Click on the Download google-services.json button and:
    • Go to your Android Studio project and switch to the Project view.
    • Copy the google-services.json file you just downloaded and paste it inside the app folder overwriting the existing file.
    • Finally, go back to Firebase and click Next.
  9. Add Firebase SDK. (Skip this step).
  10. Click Continue to console.